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ANF Covers PAW’s “Bare Bowling”


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So the time came and went in a blur but PAW: Protecting Adult Welfare’s Bare Bowling “Fun”draiser was a bigger success than past years, but not without a lot of work and stress.

On the foundation’s website, ( the goal for the organization has always been: for improving the quality of life for adult entertainment workers, and to offer an industry peer counseling program and support for industry members who need help, whether mentally, spiritually or financially. This may seem like a lofty goal, but has always been the heart of the organization.

The foundation has had it’s ups and downs over the years, and has even “died” a couple of times trying to stay relevant to the industry. Starting around the same time as AIM: Adult Industry Medical from adult industry activist and founder William “PapaBear” Margold, it always was an uphill battle for the organization to survive, since most companies (as well as most people in the “Real World”) in the adult industry don’t look at the performers as anything more than disposable income for them to create adult content. Not realizing that without these people, the industry would not exist. But the performers have real lives and problems like anyone else.

The profits raised from the various events have barely kept an office open and it’s lights on. Having only a couple of events a year, the organization holds the annual Bare Bowling Fun’draiser for the fans to get up close and personal with the real performers.

I have been a part of the event for the past 15 years and have personally, not only donated my time, but for a couple of years, actually donated money along with a few other believers, and actually kept the doors and phone lines open to answers questions and help with the performers.

A lot in the industry may not like the founder of the organization for personal reasons, and his boisterous views on many subject matters, but he has always had the best interest for the performers and this can be seen by the many performers who always show up to the events and the many companies willing to donate time and product to help.

The last few years have gotten hard keeping the event alive, and not the reasons you would think. It’s not financial at all, but actually from jealous and petty performers who’s own unhappiness in life or with their careers, have tried to either spread lies and rumors about the event or worst, just sabotage the event by calling in on numerous occasions saying they were the police and “they have received complaints about the event”. Which is silly since they never give a name or show up in person, but because the owners of the locations get scared for their business, have closed the doors a few times to the charity.

It’s sometimes seems that certain members of the adult industry are worst than the current GOP presidential candidates on just how far they can look you in the eye and straight up lie to your face. This is our industry we all work together in – but with some of the most dysfunctional family members. Kinda sad.

This was the case this past weekend, when a last minute “bomb threat” from someone in the industry made the owners of the previous location that has been used for years without incident, scared to host the event this year, and cancelled the event at the last minute. I was about to throw in the towel if it wasn’t for performer Rebecca Bardoux helping suggest a great new venue and also the owners of that location willing to help in any way they could. The new venue owners even got a complaint an hour before the show started but the owners blew it off and stood their ground. And this time, it scared off no one!

The event is one that is very loose and ad lib, but the fans love it and the turnout was ridiculous! Standing room only and most of the performers said it was more of a show than normal fundraiser, with the help of the DJs and MC for the evening, Chuy Chorizo from the comedy team, The Chorizo Brothers. The event moved along faster, and tighter than previous events and when 10pm came around and time to leave, people said they had a great time and couldn’t believe how well the event flowed.

I can’t get credit for it all, and I won’t. I was just the ring master but without all the performers and crew to help, it would have been a bust.

I want to thank the legendary performers who made an appearance and attended: Lana Sands, Nina Hartley, Ron Jeremy, Max Hardcore, Ron Hightower, Alexandra Silk, Luc Wylder, Hershel Savage and the night’s birthday girl, Amber Lynn! With so much birthday cake brought, everyone was able to have a slice as well as take more to the after party at DeJaVu North Hollywood for all that attended!

Also special thanks to the Starlets: the Ball – Lily Evans, Alex Chance, Presley Hart, Ana Foxxx, Caprice Capone, Shani Reid, Amor Hilton, Summer Bay, Abby Cross, Nadia Night, Daejha, Milan, Summer Bay, Crystal Cane, Missy V, Casssie, Dulce , Kimberly, & Belle Evans!

Even a special appearance by the actor R.A. Mihailoff who played the character, Leatherface in the film “Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3”

I would also like to thank the wonderful sponsors for the event, who supplied great prizes for the raffles that were held throughout the evening: Porn Film Vacations, Giant Stonie Robots, Excitement Video, Wicked Pictures, Girlfriend Films, Elizabeth Starr Productions, Hustler LFP Video, Wild Wild West Videos, GlamorGirl Magazine, Girls & Corpses Magazine, Movie Reviews & More, Vivid Video, Ganja Goddess TV, Arrow Productions & Deep Throat Energy Drink, LAXpress Magazine, The Deep Throat Sex Scandal Play & The Chorizo Brothers.

And lastly, the publicists in the industry who came together to help promote the event. Erica at The Rub PR, Steve Nelson at, Frank Thomas from, Dr. X from, Gene Ross at, Roger T. Pipe at Pipeline Multimedia, Mark Medoff from Swank Magazine, Tod Hunter, Brian Sebastian, Powder White & William Margold.

For info for future events and donations to the cause, details can be found at:

Follow on Twitter for upcoming announcements on future events at Twitter@ScorchingImages

I know I’m probably missing a ton of people, and I am sorry, but thank you all for a successful event and great time for the fans!

- Dave Michaels: Event Coordinator and Publicist

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